Welcome to the MSU College of Natural Science

Genetics Ph.D. Program

  • Degree-granting, interdepartmental program with over 110 faculty participants
  • Financial support through research assistantships and fellowships
  • Laboratory rotations across disciplines
  • Excellent research facilities


Research Strengths In

  • Plant genetics & genomics
  • Animal genetics & genomics
  • Microbial & Viral Genetics
  • Genetics of cancer
  • Gene expression & regulation
  • Organelle genetics
  • Metabolic engineering
  • Population genetics & evolution


Financial Support

Initial funding from the program enables new students to rotate in three different labs. Subsequent support generally comes from individual research grants of the faculty advisors. Students can expect their financial support to cover tuition and health insurance and provide a stipend that allows them to live comfortably in East Lansing area.