Typical First Year

A graduate student interested in the Genetics Program will be admitted through the BioMolecular Science Gateway (BMS).  During the first year as a BMS student, a student interested in Genetics would typically complete three ten-week laboratory rotations and three or four required courses including Molecular Biology (BMB 801), Microbial Genetics (MMG 833), and Eukaryotic Molecular Genetics (MMG 835). All BMS students are expected to attend the BMS Retreat held in the early fall of each year.  

BMS students interested in the Genetics PhD Program are encouraged to attend the Genetics Research Forum held on alternate Tuesday mornings at 9:00 am.  This will allow BMS students to learn about the research of current Genetics students and faculty.

Generally, after completing three laboratory rotations (approximately nine months) but before the end of the first twelve months, the student should have selected a unit in which to pursue their PhD degree and a major professor.  The major professor must be a member of the Genetics Program faculty for students who select Genetics as their major.  If the student wishes to be in the Genetics PhD Program, but their major professor is not in the program, there are options, for instance, the major professor may request an appointment in the Genetics PhD Program or the student may request a co-advisor who is in the Genetics PhD Program.

During their first year, BMS graduate students will be advised directly by the BMS Director and/or Associate Director.  The student may also consult with the Genetics Program Director and/or Associate Director.