Research Forum

9:00 - 10:00 AM
1400 Biomedical Physical Science Building

* note Fall semester is in 1400 BPS, at the south end of the atrium


Fall 2014



September 9 Nik McPherson/Dr. Claire Vieille

Evolving and Engineering Actinobacillus succinogenes for increased succinate production from lignocellulose hydrolysate.


September 23 Genetics Student Meeting

Agenda TBA


October 7 Genetics Faculty Meeting

Agenda TBA


October 21 Research Rundown

Lineup TBA


November 4 Dr. Amy Ralston

Tentative: Regulation of cell fate of mouse embryonic stem cells.


November 18 Dr. Gina Leinninger


Genes and the Size of Our Jeans: Genetically Defined Neurons that Regulate Body Weight.


December 02 Sahra Uygun/Dr. Shin-Han Shiu

Cell-type cis regulatory code of Arabidopsis thaliana stress responsive gene expression.


Spring 2015 -- Room 1425 Biomedical Physical Science




January 13 Nanda Sasi

Investigating the apoptotic pathway induced by blocking Cdc7 kinase in tumor cells.


January 27 Student Meeting



February 10 Faculty Meeting



February 24 Research Rundown



March 10 Spring Break



March 24 Tagore/Floer

Role of lineage-specific factors in determining cell-type specific chromatin architecture.


April 7 Li/Hu

Tentative: Investigating the Role of Peroxisomal Metabolism in Modulating Photosynthesis and High Light Resistance.


April 21 Dawson-Baglien/Peterson-Jones

Tentative: Ocular Melanosis in the Cairn Terrier.