Current Activities


A listing of upcoming seminars and other events.


Research Forum Schedule
By-weekly seminars by genetics faculty.


Gen 800 Seminar Courses
Seminar courses that cover narrowly defined topics in genetics. Topics vary by semester.


Annual symposium; usually based on the topic of one of the Genetics 800 seminar courses offered that year.


Information on the annual research retreat held off campus.


Career Workshops
The Genetics Program offers occassional career workshops that bring in alumni to share their different career pathways. In the previous decade the Genetics Program has partnered with other graduate programs to organize and sponsor a Career Day Event.


MSU Geneticists in the News
Accomplishments of genetics students, faculty and alumni.


Undergraduate Research Program
Undergraduate Research Program in the area of Molecular Genetics.


German Exchange Program
German Exchange Program with the Heinrich-Heine Universität Düsseldorf (HHUD)


Genetics Program Graphics
We have constructed high resloution logos for members of the program to use for posters.