GEN 800 Seminar Courses


Fall 2014


GEN 800 Section 001

(also listed as CMB 800, sec 1 and PSL 950)

Course Title: Topics in Cancer Research

When: Wednesdays, 10:30 - 11:30 am
Where: 1425 Biomedical Physical Science Building with live streaming to Grand Rapids

Course Coordinators: Dr. Chengfeng Yang and Dr. Sandra Haslam

Course Description:

This seminar course is designed for the second year and above graduate students. The first two class meetings will be devoted to introducing general clinical aspects of cancer and cancer therapy clinical trials by Dr. Anas Al-Janadi (September 3: Clinical Perspective of Oncology) and Dr. Deimante Tamkus (September 10: A General Introduction about Cancer Therapy Clinical Trials). The students will then present research papers on a variety of topics in cancer research for 12 weeks. Students will be divided into groups of two or three. Depending on the number of
students enrolled, each week one group of students will present. The presentations will be comprised of one student presenting background material, and the other student(s) presenting the research paper assigned by participating faculty.

GEN 800 Section 002

(also listed as PSL 950)

Course Title: Neurobiology of Motivated Behavior

Course Coordinators: Drs. A.J. Robison, Michelle Mazei-Robison and Gena Leinninger

When: TBA
Where: TBA

It will be a weekly journal club for graduate students (and any others interested in auditing the course) to discuss papers regarding genetic and epigenetic regulation of the  neural/physiological systems that regulate intake of drugs of abuse natural reward (food/water), and other motivated behaviors (e.g. sex, stress response, etc.) The class will be discussion-based and will review both seminal and novel primary literature driving the field.


GEN 800, Section 003

(also listed as BMB 960, Sec 301)
Course Title: Plant Biotechnology Research Forum

Instructor: Danny Ducat (co-instructor and course coordinator) and Robert Last (co-instructor)

When: Tuesdays 5-6:30 pm

Where: Plant Research Laboratory, Room 103 – Anton Lang Conference Room

Course length: 7 weeks; 9/23-11/4/14


GEN 800, Section 004

Course Title: DNA Repair and Recombination

(also listed as MMG 892, Sec 3 and CMB Sec 2)

Coordinator: Kefei Yu

Meeting Tiime:  Wednesdays, 12:40 -1:30 pm
Where:  2245 BPS


This seminar course (1 credit) aim to introduce students to the field of DNA repair and recombination.  Students will focus on reading and presenting recent cut-edge literatures on DNA damage and repair mechanisms, physiological and pathological DNA recombination events, and how these processes relate to human cancer.  This course will be held on Weds (12:40-1:30pm) in BPS 2245.